#Inktober is an annual event that lasts for a month, it’s a really fun activity that challenges you to create one inked drawing a day. Over the years I’ve participated several times! Here is a collection of my favorites, starting with the most recent.

2020 was a big deal since the Final Fantasy VII Remake came out, I didnt get to participate every day but it was really fun to get to draw some scenes and characters.

2019 is when Fire Emblem: Three Houses was all the rage and it was the first game in the franchise I managed to finish!

2018 was about one of my favorite franchises, Monster Hunter! This set mostly covers Monster Hunter 2 and 3, lots of pieces I love in this one

2018 belonged to Persona 5, a great JRPG, amazing music and characters set in Tokyo!

2017 was all about Blizzard

Dark Souls is one of my all time favorite games and it was my first Inktober project that had a theme, each drawing is in sequence and follows the event that the player goes through until they reach the city of Anor Londo.