DARK SOULS: Trials of the Chosen Undead


Dark Souls is not just one of my favorite games, its arguably the best game of all time. For the Inktober challenge of 2015 I wanted to pay homage to it in the form of a journal. These are all loosely inked sketches, spending no longer than 2 hours on each and colored about as quickly, giving the project a consistent, journal lik,e presentation.

It has also been collected in book format which you can purchase at my online store here.

You begin your quest in the Undead Asylum. Suffering from the Undead Curse, you have been banished away from Lordran and sentenced to rot as a Hollow … but perhaps there is a way to escape this fate …






day_14 day_15 day_16

day_19 day_20

inktober_15_day_21 inktober_15_day_23


inktober_15_day_29 inktober_15_day_30 inktober_15_day_31